Will artificial intelligence take your job?

A survey of over 2,000 UK participants commissioned by Charles Towers-Clark, Author of The Weird CEO: How to lead in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, Group CEO of global IoT provider Pod Group and international lecturer on the future of work, has revealed that despite more than one in ten employers (12%) having replaced a job role with technology in the last twelve months, only one fifth of UK employees actually fear that artificial intelligence will put them out of work inside 15 years.

Of those surveyed, 12% said their employer had replaced a job role within the workplace with technology or software in the last year, meaning people had effectively lost their jobs to ones and zeroes. Interestingly the situation is worse still in Wales, where 14% of organisations are replacing people with tech, whilst Northern Ireland is the place to be in the UK for job security, with only 7% of companies replacing roles.

This finding is in contrast with a parallel survey assessing the fears harboured by employees that artificial intelligence will replace their jobs inside 15 years, which revealed that approximately one fifth of UK employees believed that technology would put them out of the job inside the next 15 years. Across the UK, the Welsh were the least worried, with only 16% of people fearing for their role, followed by 18% of those employed in England, with the Scottish and the Northern Irish the most fearful of technology’s future impact at 20%.

Charles Towers-Clark commented: “The future job market will be dominated by AI, so now is the time for both employers and employees to prepare for such a future. Of course, we should not fear AI to the point we stifle its development, but a little fear would be healthy as it would drive us to develop skills in areas where AI struggles, creating opportunities for AI and humans to work together in harmony.

“Yet, despite seeing people replaced with software in front of their own eyes, we are sticking our heads in the sand. Meanwhile, AI advances in leaps and bounds.”

The two surveys comprise part of a wider and more extensive assessment of the perceived effect of AI on the future of work and society generally that has been commissioned by Towers-Clark, in tandem with the launch of his first book, The WEIRD CEO: How to lead in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.