What will the Disney/Fox deal mean for the entertainment industry?

Disney and Fox deal worth $61 billion

Business Leader Magazine hears the thoughts of Paolo Pescatore, the Vice President of Multiplay and Media and CCS Insight on the Disney deal to acquire Fox for £61 billion.

This deal is all about Disney taking greater control of its destiny throughout the entire value chain, from content production to distribution.

Even a giant like Disney has not been immune to changing behavioural patterns as consumers have embraced new ways of watching TV shows and movies.

The move will firmly establish Disney as one of the leading media companies in the world and puts it in a great position to compete head on with the threat posed by the Web providers such as Amazon and Facebook.

With its slew of franchises, which will continue to grow, it is well placed to generate new sources of revenue. Further disruption lies ahead and we believe that this acquisition will force others to react.