WIll you be bringing your staff back to the office full time?

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A survey of business leaders from across the UK for Hull-based accountancy, tax and business advisory firm, Smailes Goldie Group, has found that more than a third (38%) have no plans to bring staff back to the office when Government advice to ‘work from home if you can’ ends on 19 July.

Meanwhile, more than half (54%) say they plan to introduce some form of flexible or hybrid working in the near future.

Of 363 business leaders questioned for the survey, carried out using a leading self-serve polling platform, 62% said that their organisations had increased the proportion of staff working from home during the pandemic as a direct result of Government advice.

Around one in six of those questioned (16%) said they were not sure if they would bring staff back to the office on or shortly after 19 July while less than half (43%) had definite plans to do so.

The research was carried out the day after the Government confirmed plans to withdraw advice to ‘work from home if you can’ from 19 July, as most Coronavirus restrictions come to an end.

Mark Sharpley, Partner at Smailes Goldie Group, said: “These results show just how much workplaces have been changed by the Coronavirus crisis. In general, employers have been taken by surprise at the success of working from home during the pandemic and that shines through from the results, which suggest the return to the office is not going to be instantaneous on 19 July by any means.

“I am sure that many employers will be grappling with various finely-balanced questions when deciding what roles home working and office working will have in the future. Many employees will have relished the opportunity to abandon the daily commute and enjoy more time with their families, while others will have felt isolated and unmotivated. Some will have thrived and been more productive than ever but the opposite will be true for others.

“Employees are most businesses’ most important assets and so it is critical businesses get the balance between home and office right, which will be a major challenge over the coming months and one where experienced business advice will be invaluable.”