Women in 5G: Meet the growing network of women breaking down barriers in the telecoms industry

young women in an office on a computer

Her goal is simple: empower women to grow and develop their careers in this field. In honour of International Women’s Day, we caught up with the founder of Women in 5G, Caroline Morris.

Caroline Morris, founder of Women in 5G

Caroline Morris, founder of Women in 5G

I have been working in Technology for over 12 years, mainly in Mobile Networks and pretty much spent all my early years in this industry being one of a handful of women in my department. Although over the last ten years we have seen much more accountability being placed on employers to see a more balanced gender split by setting clear goals on ratios and transparency on income, there still remains a worrying trend.

Attending industry events is something I have actively taken part in over my career and disappointingly have seen very little change over this time to the diversity level. In September 2020, yes in the midst of a pandemic, I decided that something needed to change and just starting thinking if there was something I could do to help? How could we change the habit of consistently seeing a sea of middle-aged men in suits and inject more vibrancy, energy and ultimately, diversity to this Industry? This is where Women in 5G was created.

I decided to start a platform, a talent pool of women to allow a network to develop, something people felt part of, from entry-level roles all the way through to Execs. Sharing top industry news & events to generate interest, sharing career opportunity and celebrating successes and creating role models in this field. We want to help inspire future generations by partnering with schools and universities and help demystifying the wealth of amazing careers in Telecoms, celebrating the real “Faces of 5G” and help shake off the belief that only people who want to write code are able to work in Technology.

Women in 5G: the vision for the future

We are in the process of signing a partnership with a Global event producer which will allow us to have a presence at these major events, with the ambition that we can generate a lot more interest and allow more women to feel part of something and hopeful tackle some of the challenges we see in getting women to be more visible in the industry and start attending more events. Once we can get numbers increased – this will lead to more active involvement whether joining break out “round table” discussions or join a panel of experts in future events or a keynote etc.

We want to create a new normal, where women at all levels of their career want to be heard at these events, it becomes part of their career goals. The absolute dream is that it becomes normal that instead of a sea of men in suits, it’s an enriched balance of different genders, cultures and ages to inject life and diversity into not only the event space but into Telecoms across the board.

If anyone would like to find out more, become a free member, partner with us or simply want to learn more about us, visit www.womenin5G.com or reach out via LinkedIn.