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World record breaking apprentice joins Congresbury health club

Corey Williams

Corey Williams

A health club has taken on board a world record holder as an apprentice.

Corey Williams (17) who comes from Clevedon, has now joined theclub at Cadbury House in Congresbury.

He is working towards his Fitness Instructor NVQ Levels two and three.

Luckily, members of the award-winning gym will be able to take some top tips from the teenager who was recently crowned world champion bench presser at a competition in Germany.

At the competition he also broke the world record, when he lifted a staggering 140kg.

Prior to his world record, Corey benefitted from a very interesting education, resulting in him taking an apprenticeship rather than what would be considered a normal route to qualifications.

That’s because he and his family recently returned to the South West having spent the previous seven months travelling the world having sold up the house and practically all they owned.

With stopovers in China, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the trip gave Corey and his family a great perspective on life and is something the strapping teenager not only appreciated but learned a lot from.

The family’s travels meant, however, that Corey missed his GCSEs, resulting in him taking an apprenticeship route towards his goal of working in the fitness sector.

Corey comments: “Without doubt I’ve taken more from the time spent travelling with my family than I perhaps would have in the classroom.

“I’m not really suited to just sitting in a class or lecture theatre so an apprenticeship is perfect for me.

“My goal is to get qualified but also compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk events so will be putting in some extra training myself!”