World’s first digital therapy for treating erectile dysfunction has publicly launched and raised $2.25m

Max Kersting, Regimen Co-Founder and Managing Director

Max Kersting

Regimen, the world’s first digital therapy for treating erectile dysfunction, has publicly launched and raised $2.25m in seed funding. Conceived by Co-Founder Max Kersting, Regimen goes beyond medication to address the root causes of ED, with treatments ranging from pelvic floor training, cardiovascular training, diet, mindfulness, education, and more.

The $2.25m was raised in a seed round funding led by Ringier Digital Ventures, which will enable Regimen to strengthen their clinical evidence base, co-create models with established healthcare organizations, and bring Regimen to a wider audience.

Regimen Co-Founder and Managing Director Max Kersting said: “Over the last year, we’ve been able to demonstrate the demand and effectiveness of holistic therapy for erectile dysfunction, which is one of the most common intimate health issues.

“Interestingly, not just our customers, but also some of the most innovative healthcare players from all over the world have approached us due to the program’s potential to reduce the risk of adjacent diseases when treating the underlying issues of ED, instead of just prescribing medication.”

David Hug, Investment Advisor of Ringier Digital Ventures, said of the investment: “The market for digital holistic men’s health is underserved. We believe especially topics that are very personal and sensitive like ED can be addressed extremely well with digital products.

“The Regimen team has proven with the KPI’s that their approach works and is appreciated by customers. We are very delighted to take the next steps with Max and his team.”

Regimen is currently part of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator program, and the company’s goal is to make Regimen part of every healthcare journey for patients with erectile dysfunction in the UK, USA, and worldwide.

Jenny Thomas, Programme Director for the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, said: “DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator programme supports companies that offer novel solutions for the NHS’s biggest challenges. Erectile dysfunction is a key predictor for severe health issues that are part of the long-term strategy of the NHS, including cardiovascular and mental health.

“Tackling the underlying factors of erectile dysfunction can not only improve erections, but also has the potential to prevent severe health events. We are proud to support Regimen as part of the Accelerator programme, as a company that is addressing the most intimate health issues of the male population with holistic, personalized health and self-care programs – starting with erectile dysfunction.”