Worldwide venture investments soared 94% in Q1 2021

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For the first time in history, global venture investments surpassed $100 billion in Q1 2021.

According to the research data analyzed and published by Sijoitusrahastot, worldwide VC funding in Q1 2021 rose by 94% YoY to $125 billion. During the period, two unicorns on average were created daily, raising the quarterly total to 112.

Based on a CNBC report citing Ernst & Young, VC funding in the US during the quarter hit $64 billion. It was the highest quarterly figure on record, and it was equivalent to 43% of total VC funding raised in 2020.

Europe VC Funding Jumped by 130% to $21.4 Billion, North America Up by 103% at $72.7 Billion

Late-stage funding dominated the global VC market accounting for 68% of the total. The segment, together with technology growth, soared by 122% to $85.6 billion.

79% of the funds went into rounds worth at least $100 million, up from 63% in Q1 2021. Early-stage funding shot up by 63% YoY to $35.5 billion. Seed and angel investment held steady at $4.1 billion while acquisitions rose by 44% YoY to 631 deals worth $57.1 billion.

In Europe, total funding rose by 130% YoY from $9.3 billion to a record $21.4 billion. Late-stage and technology funding surged 202% to $14.3 billion. Early-stage funding rose by 62% YoY to $5.8 billion. There were a record 54 rounds worth at least $100 million as well as two billion-dollar rounds by Klarna and Cazoo.

In North America (US + Canada), VC funding shot up by 103% YoY to $72.7 billion. Late-stage rounds raised $51 billion, while early-stage funding hit $19.7 billion. Overall, 194 rounds were valued at $100 million or higher. For the US alone, 183 deals were worth at least $100 million, more than half the number posted in the whole of 2020. Cruise, an autonomous car company, raised the highest amount, $2 billion. Digital convenience store Gopuff was second with $1.15 billion.

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