YellowDog launches campaign for international businesses with cloud compute

YellowDog’s Gareth Williams

YellowDog are launching their crowdfunding campaign to scale up, and have already raised £440,000 from investors.

The award-winning company based in Bristol is disrupting the assumed patterns of computer usage, and has built a platform that harnesses underutilised compute power which is today being used by companies all over the world to speed up computer generated imagery rendering.

After gaining more than one thousand signups to their innovative platform in under two years, YellowDog have expanded exponentially across the computer graphics and 3D animation industry – forecast to be a $40 billion industry by 2019.

The YellowDog team are fundraising now so that they can invest in their technology and take it to other markets, including financial services and banking.

Gareth Williams, the founder of YellowDog said: “I’m very proud of what we’re achieving helping artists and studios with their rendering. The opportunity we now have to take YellowDog to new markets and scale our business massively is really very exciting indeed.”

Toby Hughes, one of YellowDog’s shareholders and now a Non-Executive Director on YellowDog’s Board, reveals: “I invested in YellowDog for three reasons; one, I perceived they had solved a problem with their algorithms that was difficult to replicate, two, the business had the potential to scale significantly, both in the UK and in International markets and finally, the quality of the management team really impressed me.

“All in all I am really please I invested in YellowDog, a business that could become a very significant British technology firm.”