Young entrepreneur champions British manufacturing with new distribution deal

Deborah Meaden (left) with Jordan Daykin

UK entrepreneur, Jordan Daykin has signed an agreement for his company GripIt® fixings to become the sole distributor of a fellow fledgling UK manufactured product marXman™.

Both marXman™ and GripIt® are garden shed inventions, patented and manufactured in the UK. Jordan Daykin is renowned for his passion to champion British manufacturing and felt that a partnership to distribute a product by a fellow Dragons’ Den and Deborah Meaden stable mate, marXman™ was a no brainer.

GripIt®s Jordan Daykin commented, “It’s a pleasure to be working with marXman™ and helping a fellow inventor. marXman™ IS a great product and it has been well received by the stores we have been contacting.

“It sits alongside GripIt® perfectly as they are both in the same product market meaning you can use the MarXman to install a GripIt®. The future is looking up for marXman™ and the plan is to grow this product hand in hand with GripIt® to be stocked in as many stores as possible across the UK and hopefully overseas.”

marXman™ is the brainchild of Martin Chard and Jenny David who invented, developed, patented and now manufacture the marXman™ in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Martin and Jenny added, “We are delighted to have Jordan and his team on board helping with the sales and distribution of our product. We are really looking forward to seeing marXman™ in many more stores around the UK and eventually, worldwide.”