Zeetta Networks’ to host Smart Infrastructure 2017 Event

Zeetta Networks

Industry leaders will be revealing their ‘smart’ digital strategies at the inaugural Smart Infrastructure 2017 event hosted by Zeetta Networks at Ashton Gate Stadium on 30th October.

Each presenter will speak on the event theme ‘Smart Leaders for Smart Venues’, and will bring their unique insight into how network infrastructure and digital strategies must reflect a greater think-change within IT leadership.

The attendees of Smart Infrastructure 2017 will benefit from the combined decades of experience of the speakers.

Thierry Chau, Global Practice Lead for Ruckus Large Public Venues, will discuss how the fan experience can be impacted through stadium operations.

Mike Bohndiek, Head of IT at West Ham, will discuss the power of the programmable stadium and what that means for decision makers within any venue.

Venues and business need to keep an eye on dynamic trends within connected infrastructure, as Thierry explained: “Stadiums today are not only competing on the field, but also for the minds and wallet share of their fans. Challenged by large screen TVs and HD transmissions, many are upgrading their infrastructure to ensure high-density broadband delivery not only for fan enjoyment, but also to improve stadium operations.”

To maximise the gains of smart infrastructure, an organisation needs to be prepared to adapt its working culture to fit.

Venues that miss out on this acceleration towards smart platforms will naturally fall behind their competition, and Zeetta Networks wants to spark new conversations to drive smarter organisational cultures for smart venues, and discover collaborations to solve venue infrastructure limitations.

The evolution of venues, whether they be business offices, hotels, or even entire cities, require smart leadership at the helm to implement smart infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure 2017 will enable the leaders in this field to share valuable insight about transforming a venue into a smart structure that benefits both stakeholders and consumers.