Zoom users increased by 290 million from December to April 2020

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Global Chief Information Officer of Zoom, Harry D. Moseley says Zoom users have increased by 290 million from December to April earlier this year as a result of the pandemic.

Speaking about the boom in users since December at Dublin Tech Virtual Summit, Global Chief Information Officer of Zoom, Harry D. Moseley comments: “There are only two things the world is talking about right now, that’s COVID-19 and Zoom. We have gone from 10 million daily participants in December to 300 million daily participants in April.

“We have also gone from 100 million annualised meeting minutes in January to over 2 billion within that period. Most companies would love that growth trajectory. We had to change processes and bring in new people almost overnight.”

During his keynote speech, Harry D. Moseley also spoke about the massive changes the company had to implement as a result of the pandemic and the pressures associated with such dramatic growth.

He comments: “We suddenly ended up serving global enterprises, governments and educational facilities and had to balance needs all over the planet. We put a lot of AI and Automation in place to handle that level of growth. COVID-19 drew a lot of attention to the platform and people started using it in ways we hadn’t thought about. Zoom was being used in schools in February without the appropriate settings.

“It was a huge challenge, we took security features, bundled them together, gave hosts controls over access, introduced waiting rooms to help emulate the teaching experience.

Commenting on the future of video platforms and security, Global Chief Information Officer of Zoom, Harry D. Moseley added: “It’s a video-first world, video is the new voice and is here to stay and for that you want it to be safe and secure for all.

“Zoom is founded on security and privacy. We made a decision on April 1st to pivot the engineering team to focus exclusively on privacy and security. We had such growth we needed to innovate at speed and at scale to support different constituencies. We pulled our security controls together and did about 100 other features on the platform from a security and privacy perspective.”

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