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Flags of Nordic countries

5 Nordic ideas to boost entrepreneurship in the UK 

The UK government wants to boost entrepreneurship. To do so, it could take inspiration from initiatives in the Nordic countries

Dougal Shaw

Is there a secret office romance at work? Here’s how to tell

Are you in an office romance you’re trying to keep secret from your prying colleagues? Or have you become suspicious about certain colleagues getting closer and wanting to establish their...

Josh Dornbrack

Sex robots: A disturbing look inside one of the world’s fastest-growing industries

The robotics industry is worth billions of pounds worldwide. Robots have been hugely successful in a plethora of industries. The manufacturing industry for example is rife with robotics – from cars...

Josh Dornbrack

What is a disruptor?

What is a disruptor? You’ve probably heard the term used in business circles or in management training sessions. Perhaps you haven’t really thought too much about it or conversely, you...

Josh Dornbrack

How long is the daily work commute for the average Londoner?

Commuting in the UK has always been an issue, with an average commute nearly an hour long at 54 minutes. But, according to Instant Offices, it’s Londoners who bear the...

Josh Dornbrack