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Polling station sign

What the party manifestos mean for medium-sized businesses

Plus, Tesco sales on the rise, The Excel World Championships and Adidas’s Euros ad

Josh Dornbrack

Richard Harpin

Ask Richard: Advisory boards, accidental managers and being a public company

Richard Harpin, the founder of HomeServe and Growth Partner and owner of Business Leader, answers your burning business questions

Sarah Vizard

Small union jack on a wooden stick fixed on a globe

The untapped exporting potential of UK mid-sized companies

Plus, Labour releases its election manifesto, Elon Musk’s bumper pay day comes closer and the power of ‘divas’

Josh Dornbrack

Rocketship taking off on a mobile device

‘Don’t call us the Chesney Hawkes of gaming’: How two friends helped Manchester becoming a gaming hotspot

Manchester is known for its music scene and football teams,
but two childhood friends are leading the way in making
the region a hotspot for the gaming industry

Chris Maguire

Aerial shot of Manchester UK on a beautiful summer day

Why cities outside London are key to the UK’s economic growth

Plus, economic growth flatlines, rents on the up, mortgage arrears at seven year high and a reality check on the UK’s gender gap

Josh Dornbrack

Flags of Nordic countries

5 Nordic ideas to boost entrepreneurship in the UK 

The UK government wants to boost entrepreneurship. To do so, it could take inspiration from initiatives in the Nordic countries

Dougal Shaw

The ongoing game of interest rate, employment figure dominoes

Plus, female business leaders are backing Rachel Reeves, one in three Asda staff have been attacked at work and Roger Federer’s inspirational commencement address

Josh Dornbrack

Szu Ping Chan stop apologising illustration

Sorry, but Brits need to stop apologising and love success

The UK may love self-deprecation but there’s a risk we miss out on vital business opportunities and fail to inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Szu Ping Chan

The word manifesto in a dictionary

Manifesto week and the FCA under pressure

Plus, unemployment on the rise, The Body Shop rescue on the rocks and Apple unveiling its move into generative AI

Josh Dornbrack

Motorway CEO on why leaders must learn to ‘eat their vegetables’

Tom Leathes, co-founder and CEO of car-selling platform Motorway, shares his personal business advice in our new video series My CEO Secret.

Dougal Shaw

Clare Harris, Talking Tables

Growth Engines: Combining purpose and intent to build a legacy

Clare Harris turned her childhood experience laying tables for her family into a company, Talking Tables, that generates more than £25m a year in revenue

Pavlo Phitidis

Mike Lynch, former chief executive officer of Autonomy

The rise, fall and acquittal of Mike Lynch

Plus, Asda has a new owner,
the ECB cuts interest rates and Liverpool owner John Henry on that European Super League move

Josh Dornbrack

Jake Humphrey lessons across pond illustration

7 leadership lessons UK business owners can learn from across the pond

From ensuring you don’t collect resentment to viewing other people’s success as your own, Jake Humphrey lays out the lessons he’s learnt

Jake Humphrey

Plant with Union Jack in the background

The maturing green shoots of growth

Plus, the leader behind the company that aids global expansion, Nvidia more valuable than Apple and McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark

Josh Dornbrack

Bolaji Sofoluwe, founder and managing director at ETK Group

Meet the business leader helping companies expand to Africa

Bolaji Sofoluwe is a firm believer in the power of the continent to deliver prosperity for ambitious companies and local economies

Josh Dornbrack

Brexit written on a wall with censored sign over it

The B-word pariah and export tips

Plus, how social media is moving beyond clickbait, the decline in takeovers and the campaign that “pissed off” the public and made an icon

Josh Dornbrack

Caspar Lee attention span illustration

When creating social content, offer value not cheap tricks

For years, being successful on social media meant creating clickbait. But the pendulum is swinging the other way as audiences look for content that doesn’t numb their minds

Caspar Lee

Ideal Response Group founder Javid Ibrahim with members of his team on site

Growth engines: Scaling sales overcomes the tyranny of project revenue cycles

Ideal Response Group has seen significant growth, but founder Javid Ibrahim recognises that to move to the next stage he must have time to think and plan strategically

Pavlo Phitidis

Flag of United Kingdom on wooden background

Why chronic short-termism is holding the UK back

Plus, discover your unknown superpower, Monzo’s CEO speaks after its first profitable year, consumer spending slows and a tribute to a legend

Josh Dornbrack



The leader behind soon-to-be London-listed Shein

Plus, Britain’s bizarre business names, Raspberry Pi listing update, shareholder revolts over pay and election coverage

Josh Dornbrack

Catherine Baker shift mindset illustration

Under pressure? Learn to control your emotions, shift your mindset and self-talk

Our emotions can help our performance, but they can also hinder it; our ability to manage them is critical to sustained long-term performance

Catherine Baker

Rishi Khosla, co-founder and CEO of OakNorth Bank

How do you solve a problem like scale-up lending?

Digital bank OakNorth is in the vanguard of new banks backing fast-growing businesses. We speak to its chief executive Rishi Khosla

Andrew Lynch

Is UK venture capital working?

Amid economic turmoil, questions about the role of VC in the UK and whether it can ever work as well as it does in the US are being asked

Andrew Lynch