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Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker is the founder and director at Sport and Beyond Ltd and the author of Staying the Distance: The Lessons From Sport That Business Leaders Have Been Missing. She is also vice-chair of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and chair of O Shaped

England players watching their team play Iceland

Is fear a useful emotion in business?

Fear can be useful in the short term to drive performance, but be careful it doesn't become engrained in your business or team

Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker shift mindset illustration

Under pressure? Learn to control your emotions, shift your mindset and self-talk

Our emotions can help our performance, but they can also hinder it; our ability to manage them is critical to sustained long-term performance

Catherine Baker

Steffi Graf holds aloft the Venus Rosewater Dish after defeating Jana Novotna at Wimbledon in 1993

The sweet spot of confidence

Staying the Distance author Catherine Baker looks to sport for lessons in confidence that can help make you a better leader

Catherine Baker

Illustration featuring a facemask, arms with binoculars and a book

Elite sport shows us how to reach the top and stay there

Like any seismic event, the pandemic has left a lasting legacy. When it comes to leadership, this has been particularly profound. Covid-19, and the chaos and upset that came with...

Catherine Baker