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Scale-up to nine figures: Growth workshop

Business Leader’s owner Richard Harpin will be hosting a scale-up workshop with some of the most exciting founders and CEOs in the UK.

This event is part of Business Leader’s mission to help mid-sized businesses scale up. Harpin, who grew his own company HomeServe from humble beginnings to a £4.1bn sale, is determined to help make such growth more widespread across the country.

According to Harpin, there are eight secrets to growing a £billion business. Helping businesses implement these eight secrets will be a key part of Business Leader’s membership programme. The programme will see growth-minded founders and CEOs come together to help each other drive their companies forward.

There are 110,000 medium-sized businesses in the UK but only 7,500 big businesses. If more medium businesses managed to scale up, this would have a profound effect on the country as a whole. The scale-up workshop will these medium-sized businesses under the spotlight in a bid to help them reach the next level.

We are running growth workshops on the following dates in London:
22 May (sold out), 11 (sold out) + 19 Jun, 9 Jul, 11 + 18 Sep, 8 +22 Oct, 5 + 20 Nov

Please complete the form below to register your interest today:


Central London, exact location TBC.


Various May – Nov 2024

8am – 10am

If you’re the founder or CEO of a mid-sized UK company with the potential for serious growth, and you’d like to learn more about the scale-up workshop, please contact Craig Wilmann, Business Leader’s Head of Membership, at craig.wilmann@businessleader.co.uk or call 020 3627 8931.