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Girl math

Girl math: Economic genius or generational fad?

Do you ever find yourself justifying a coffee purchase at lunch or spending a bit extra on your online order to get free delivery? If you have, you may be guilty of partaking in the social media trend of “girl math.” Spearheaded by female creators and originally from New Zealand, girl math is a set...

Alice Cumming


Concerns grow about apprenticeship levy 

The number of apprentices starting in small businesses has plummeted 49% since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in 2017. That stark figure from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development was included in a new report that also revealed a fall in employer investment in training and apprenticeships, despite labour shortages in many UK...

Josh Dornbrack

Unlocking the potential of the silver workforce 

More than half of the UK workforce will be 50 years old or above by 2035. That compares to just over a third in 2019. This demographic shift poses significant challenges for the labour market and businesses. Currently 1.3 million workers between 50 and 64 years old cannot work because of chronic illness according to...

Patricia Cullen

South Africa's team celebrates from a bus with supporters during the Springboks Champions trophy tour in Cape Town on November 3, 2023

What leaders can learn from the 2023 Rugby World Cup champions

South Africa was crowned Rugby World Cup champions for the fourth time in October 2023. The Springboks followed up their World Cup triumph in 2019 with a narrow 12-11 win over New Zealand, making them only the second team to win back-to-back titles. Full disclosure – as someone who grew up in Southern Africa and...

Josh Dornbrack

Time over money? The ultimate guide to managing your most valuable asset

In a world where time is often undervalued and underutilised, businesses face a critical challenge: maximising the potential of their most invaluable asset, prompting a profound re-evaluation of traditional approaches and a quest for innovative strategies to harness the essence of time in the pursuit of productivity and success. “Some things money can’t buy, for...

Patricia Cullen

A factory with two people working machinery and the BrewDog logo on the floor

From toxic workplace to best employer: BrewDog’s astonishing turnaround

A crisis is a sliding doors moment for any business. A reputation built up over decades can be destroyed in hours by a botched response to a major issue. Controversy is nothing new to BrewDog. Since its establishment in 2007, the self-described ‘Punk’ of beer brewers have intentionally stirred the pot with shock strategies and...

Patricia Cullen

UK-China trade: Is security paranoia preventing a lucrative partnership?

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden recently told the BBC that China represents the “largest state-based threat” to Britain’s economic security. This type of sentiment has been present throughout UK politics in recent years, with the UK Government blocking numerous attempts to buy UK firms by Chinese companies due to security fears. But is the UK’s...

James Cook

A view of a modern city with it's former look in glasses

From the 1950s to today: How innovation can revive the UK economy

Innovation is the lifeblood of business. The UK has a long history of world-leading and world-changing innovation. From the Industrial Revolution onwards, British innovators have driven forward the engine of global progress. Some believe the global economy today resembles that of the late 1950s. It begs the question then: how did the economy recover after...

Patricia Cullen

A man with a briefcase hopping from a sinking paper boat to another one

Is the London Stock Exchange toxic?

The UK is a powerful country. Placed fifth in the world in terms of GDP, it recorded £2.23trn in 2022 and with more than 30 million adults in the labour market, it boasts the second-largest talent pool in all of Europe. However, it also has an Index losing out to its US counterparts and an...

Patricia Cullen

Autumn in Warsaw, top view of the Palace of Culture in Poland

The rise of an underdog: How this European nation is quietly dominating the global stage

Poland is on the verge of becoming a great global power. The Polish economy has proven resilient to multiple global shocks, including the 2020 recession, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and tighter global financing conditions. What insights can this remarkable success story offer to other countries, and what can UK businesses do to...

Patricia Cullen

A person is plugging in a block between two blocks

The rise of the Chief of Staff

Do you really know what a Chief of Staff is? You may think you do, but the reality is that a common view of the position is essentially that of a glorified Executive Assistant (EA). But what exactly is a Chief of Staff and is it worth having in your business? We find out… “The...

Josh Dornbrack