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Raising Capital: Debt vs Equity

Live panel discussion

Join Kimberly Martin and fellow industry experts as they delve into the debt vs equity debate, with first hand insights from a business leader that has successfully raised both.

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Virtual event (register below).


23 May 2024


When it comes to raising capital, what’s best for your business? 

Join Growth Lending in partnership with Business Leader at our upcoming webinar on ‘Raising capital: Debt vs equity’ on Thursday, 23rd May at 11am.

Our panel of experts from across the fundraising ecosystem will share their insights into the fundraising process for both debt and equity capital, looking at: 

  • The pros and cons of raising funds through debt and equity
  • What each process involves
  • How businesses can use a combination of the two to maximise success ( hear from a founder/CEO)

Who’s on the panel?

  • Kimberly Martin – Managing Director at Growth Lending
  • Cara Sykes – Legal Director at DAC Beachcroft LLP
  • Hayden Smith – Partner, Private debt advisory at Fuse Capital
  • Ashley Abrahams – Head of Origination at Guinness Ventures
  • Kim Antoniou – Founder / Chief Executive Officer at Auris Tech Ltd

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