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Glassdoor reveals 25 best UK jobs for 2022 with stem and tech roles on top

With job hunting amongst UK employees expected to peak at nearly 30% by mid-February, Glassdoor, the online platform for insights about jobs and companies, has released the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2022.

This follows their announcement of the Best Places to Work in 2022 last month.

The list combines salaries and overall job satisfaction ratings taken from hundreds of thousands of employee reviews on Glassdoor along with the number of job openings to create an overall Glassdoor Job Score.

Java Developer jumped into the #1 position with a Glassdoor Job Score of 4.6, having first appeared on the 2021 Best Jobs list in 25th place. The role is one of 11 STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths) jobs featured on the 2022 list and is reflective of the industry’s ability to offer a good work-life balance and flexible work options – factors that Glassdoor research has shown to positively impact employee happiness. However, just 1 in 4 STEM roles (24%) is held by a woman, with this predicted to increase to 30% by 2030.

The highest paying job on the list is Enterprise Manager with a median base salary of £73,898, while Corporate Recruiter ranks the best for job satisfaction (4.6). The most in-demand job is a Software Engineer with 3,599 active job openings, an indication of the need for businesses across all industries to speed up their adoption of technology in order to stay relevant in our increasingly digital world.

The top ten Best Jobs in the UK for 2022 are:

  1. Java Developer (4.60 Glassdoor Job Score / 71% remote job openings)
  2. Enterprise Architect (4.59 / 91%)
  3. Product Manager (4.58 / 88%)
  4. Full Stack Engineer (4.55/ 92%)
  5. Data Scientist (4.54 / 88%)
  6. HR Manager (4.53 / 87%)
  7. Corporate Recruiter (4.52 / 83%)
  8. HR Business Partner (4.49 / 92%)
  9. Front End Engineer (4.48 / 76%)
  10. Marketing Manager (4.48 / 79%)

Hybrid work policies are increasingly important to UK workers. Discussion on the topic soared over 1,000% in employee reviews on Glassdoor in 2021 so it follows that all of the roles on the Best Jobs list offer high levels of remote working.

With job vacancies at an all-time high, Glassdoor expects hiring will remain challenging through 2022. To maintain a competitive advantage in these tough conditions, more and more companies are putting employee experience at the heart of their policies.

As a result, the Best Jobs list saw more HR and recruitment roles than last year (#6 HR Manager, #7 Corporate Recruiter and #8 HR Business Partner) as companies look for the best ways to attract and retain talent and sustain better ways of working in our newly-shaped work environments.

The six roles that are new to the ranking this year include #7 Corporate Recruiter, #11 UX Designer, #17 Software Engineer, #22 Finance Manager, #24 Consultant and #25 Procurement Agent.

The six roles that left the top 25 in 2022 were Dentist (former #3), Tax Manager (former #7), Commercial Manager (former #9), Risk Manager (former #13), Information Security Engineer (former #18), and Site Manager (former #24).

Glassdoor economist Lauren Thomas comments, “Glassdoor’s Best Jobs list is reflective of the wider workplace trends we are currently seeing in the UK. Employees want more hybrid working and a better work-life balance – areas in which technology and STEM roles have historically excelled in.

“HR positions are also well represented on the list as the current tightness of the labour market has forced employers to rethink their investment in employee experience.”

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