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Why you need to start thinking differently about diversity

Don't think of diversity as an opportunity to give back, but instead, consider the genuine impact and difference it can make, says our expert Jake Humphrey

Jake Humphrey

Rocketship taking off on a mobile device

‘Don’t call us the Chesney Hawkes of gaming’: How two friends helped Manchester becoming a gaming hotspot

Manchester is known for its music scene and football teams, but two childhood friends are leading the way in making the region a hotspot for the gaming industry

Chris Maguire

Josh Bayliss CEO Virgin Group sitting on a chair

Virgin Group’s CEO on why it’s important to be prepared to fail

For many business leaders, failure is something to avoid. But for Josh Bayliss, being prepared to fail has meant he's learnt more – and taken more risks

Graham Ruddick

Ryan Metcalf from BNP

Growth Engines: It’s the storms that make skilful sailors

RNB Group has weathered a series of storms, from GDPR to Covid, but has learned to invest for growth

Pavlo Phitidis

Ella Mills on her evolving role as a founder and what she has learned from failure

Mills founded Deliciously Ella when she was at rock bottom and, while she has had a lot of success, there have been difficulties along the way

Josh Dornbrack

Green plant in pot on vintage tv on grey background

‘Netflix for green content’ opens new Bristol office

Green.TV, the world’s first production and distribution house dedicated to the sustainability, conservation and the cleantech sector, has opened a new office in Bristol. It has also appointed a new...

Josh Dornbrack