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Edtech app Knowunity launches in the UK

Knowunity, the digital learning platform made for and by students, was recently launched in the UK. The Knowunity app, which allows students to share their own learning content, follow other students’ profiles and exchange ideas, is now available for free in app stores.

After successfully establishing itself in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland, Knowunity is now simplifying everyday school life in the UK. This is another step in the company’s strategy to grow into the largest digital school education platform in Europe.

Knowunity provides a clean, vertically-focused mobile app that covers everything a student needs to have a great learning experience. It’s entirely peer-to-peer focused and enables top students or “Knowers” to create and publish their own educational content to help other student users better understand their school curriculum. Users engage through direct messaging and real support is provided via group learning and the power of the online community.

Through the platform’s creator tools, the best creators build strong profiles based on their content and amassed student followings. These profiles can be amplified both in-app and externally so they can extend their reach and generate a viral loop back to the product.

The platform already has over 12,000 study notes available on the platform, created by 1,000 Knowers who have uploaded their content and is intended for students aged 11-18 across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

“We are very pleased that the test phase has already been so successful and are impressed by how much hard work and creativity the students are showing to help others,” says Isabella von Richthofen, Head of Expansion at Knowunity.

Benedict Kurz, CEO and co-founder of Knowunity, says: “The feedback beforehand was overwhelming, so we are even more pleased that students in the UK now have access to digital education.”

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