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Research suggests phone calls preferred for customer service

A survey by Salesforce identified that 61% of consumers still prefer to speak to someone over the phone when they require assistance. In addition, 75% also believe that calling a business will lead to the quickest response time.

Further research by Epsilon suggests that 80% of individuals have a greater willingness to buy from organisations that provide personalised services.

The findings come despite an increase in online chat software replacing traditional phone lines as companies look to replace people with automated systems.

Richard Cotton, Marketing Director from Sheffield contact centre CC33 said: “However, in customer service, the phone is still king. I’m sure at some stage everyone has become frustrated at how difficult it can be to speak to a human being when trying to deal with some companies.

“For companies looking to improve their customer service, dealing with someone directly is crucial to make a positive first impression, calm a customer or diffuse a potentially difficult situation.

“Even if you have a phone line customers can call, by not managing it properly you can still risk your reputation, for example by leaving people on hold for too long. Having a team of call handlers available to deal with queries quickly remains important even in this hyper-digital age.”