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Solar Mate launches to make solar more mainstream

Row of house with solar panels on roof on blue sky background

Despite the assumed popularity of solar energy and solar panels, only 4% of UK homes are using solar energy to generate their electricity at home. Not only does this offer huge savings, but there is an exciting opportunity for British homeowners to jump on the bandwagon and push for a more sustainable future.

Meet Solar Mate

Solar Mate founder Romilly Sinclair set up the company earlier this year and the website is a full online service helping to connect households with the best solar panel products and installation services near them.

“It is no secret that solar power is a better solution than burning fossil fuels,” Sinclair explains.

“Using solar energy or switching from the electric grid to solar panels at home can have a significant effect on the CO2 that you produce.”

“Thanks to recent technological advancements, it has made solar more affordable and accessible for consumers and with rising energy costs, the payback period you get from having solar panels is only getting shorter.”

Romilly Sinclair, co-founder of Solar Mate
Romilly Sinclair, co-founder of Solar Mate

How Solar Mate has recognised the changes in the industry

“The improvements in technology mean that accessing solar panels has never been better. It used to be something that was very niche and bespoke, but there are a lot of fitters and installers now and a choice of products. The reporting is better and the return on investment is faster – and it is also something that can be an upsell when selling on your property or trying to add value to it.”

“There have also been dramatic changes in government policies, playing a crucial role in shaping the solar industry’s growth over the last decade. Again, this is an area that can be improved because the UK has a long way to go to become more sustainable and self-sufficient.”

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Solar Mate’s plans are to maximise the adoption of solar energy for UK households. The aim is to bring down the cost of residential solar panels through education, awareness and government grants and policies, and also in the commercial space.

In 5 years, they hope that the figure of homes using solar energy will increase from 4% to 75% and help millions of households to become more energy efficient.

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