Three new members added to IriusRisk’ Technical Advisory Board

IriusRisk, the expert in software development and cyber security, has added three new members to its Technical Advisory Board to help inform the development of its automated threat modeling platform and address the software security challenges facing its customers.

Dr. Laurie Williams, Aaron Bedra and Dr. Markus Schumacher join existing members Dr. Gary McGraw and Adam Shostack on the board advising IriusRisk in its mission to help businesses “start left” with security during the software design phase.

Dr. Gary McGraw, Chair of IriusRisk’s Technical Advisory Board commented: “Laurie, Markus, and Aaron are all software design experts in their own rights, and together they are a powerful force for secure design. We’re tackling the hardest open problem in software security—automating threat modelling—and at the same time confronting a critical missing piece of DevSecOps.”

IriusRisk’s Technical Advisory Board of eminent cyber security, threat modeling and software development practitioners from around the world advises the company as it tackles one of the greatest challenges in software: how to enable engineering teams to identify and address security flaws in their designs before development begins.

The newly appointed experts to IriusRisk’s Technical Advisory Board include Dr. Laurie Williams, one of the foremost researchers in agile software development and a Distinguished University Professor of the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Laurie is a co-director of the NSA-sponsored Science of Security Lablet @NCSU and the Co-Director of the Secure Computing Institute.

Aaron Bedra, an expert in modern software development tools and a rare cross-functional developer and software security expert. Having previously served as a Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Principal Engineer/Architect at a number of well-known companies, he brings a wealth of insights into the latest development trends and tools to IriusRisk.

Dr. Markus Schumacher, a renowned entrepreneur and cyber security expert. Previously the CEO and founder of Virtual Forge and later the General Manager for Onapsis Europe, Dr Schumacher is an expert in third-party components, system integration, supply chain issues, and security design.

Stephen de Vries, CEO of IriusRisk said: “It is fundamental to IriusRisk’s mission that we gain and leverage a broad spectrum of expertise across DevOps, cyber security and threat modeling to ensure that we are creating a solution that truly helps developers.

“The behavioural change needed to create secure design can’t be achieved unless the security solution presents a compelling use case for development teams and integrates both with their existing ways of working, and the tools they use.

“This is exactly the perspective we get from the Technical Advisory Board that we continue to develop, which provides the invaluable skills and experience we need to pioneer the field of threat modeling and secure design.”